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The Atlantic City Thread

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Anyone have any tips on scoring free rooms? I would think it's easy to get one during a weekday, especially since it's fall season, but I have no idea where to start.

I'm not a gambling addict (yet) and I've split my time at two casinos (Borgata and Caesars) so I'm not sure if they recognize me as a valuable loser yet. :/

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Free rooms? You'll have to play a ton and average a large bet/hour in order for them to even look at you. Pick one hotel and stay at it, the nicer the hotel the harder it is to get comps even during the week.

Discounted rooms are a little bit different story. If you play poker it should be fairly easy to score poker room rates which are discounted from the normal room rates, particularly during the week.

Poke around the 2 + 2 forums, it's a good source for info like this.

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