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Ladies and Gents I am looking to buy a Redskins Jersey for this season and I have been searching on EBay.

There is a trader there who goes by Jerryred33 and Jersey store.

The feedback looks good and looks like he supplies other traders however have any of you used them and would recommend them or an alternative.


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Hey England's...

I haven't bought anything from him personally, but I have purchased the type of jersey he's selling. Actually I have two Pat Tillman jerseys from the "players of the century" collection.

If I'm not mistaken, they're manufactured by Jeff Hammond (former NASCAR crew chief now sports clothing designer). They're pretty decent quality, something along the lines of an EQT, but not quite. The two jerseys that I have are one-layer sewn on numbers, but the material isn't the same type as you'd find in an authentic or an EQT.

Also, the POTC designs are not, in many cases, the actual team designs for the jersey. You'll notice Skins POTCs have a Skins logo on the left chest. I can't remember our jerseys ever having that. (Though this year's has the 75th anniversary patch.)

If you're looking for something toward the quality level of an authentic or an Ebay-thentic, then these probably are not the right jerseys for you. If you're looking for decent quality and a unique look at an affordable price, then "game on."

Best of luck, chap. I hope you find what you're looking for.

PS -- Also, don't hesitate to post again with questions about other sellers. Seeing as most anything you order will be coming from the U.S., China or Korea, you don't want to get stuck sending something back if it's not what you're looking for. Even if a seller refunds the price of the jersey, you'll likely be out shipping costs. Again, good luck!


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