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Any Confirmation Yet On Parcells' Deal?


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As far as I know, the Dallas Morning News, quoting a source, is the only media outlet to break this story.

Of course, DMN has been guilty of hastily publishing some "big" news and then retracting it. Anyone remember that internet story about Secret Service officers seeing Clinton and Monica in a "compromising" position that DMN had to later retract?

Let's hope this isn't a redux of that.

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you know what?

ALL of this is a reaction by Jones to the Redskins hiring Spurrier last season.

Jerry was more than happy to be the MAN and have a no-name coach in Dallas, believing he could rebuild the team and maintain its standing.

Then he sees Snyder get all this publicity for hiring Spurrier and Jones finds he has to one-up that by going out and getting a bigger name to put Dallas back on the map :)

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