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Here's how I would like the 2003 schedule to be:


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Alright we know all but one opponent, which we'll know tonight. I've revised my post from what I originally made in a previous post.

Here's how I hope the 2003 season is scheduled:

Week 1: Cowboys- want them right off the bat.

Week 2: @ Giants

Week 3: @Carolina

Week 4: Rams or Seahawks

That should give our young 2003 team, a good start. Then we get to the hard part of our schedule.

Week 5: @Falcons- ESPN game, don't think we make MNF in 2003. Vick vs. Ramsey

Week 6: Pats

Week 7: Bucs

Week 8: Bye- really think we'll need it then

Week 9: @Eagles

Week 10: @Dolphins

Week 11: @Bills

Week 12: Jets

Then back to nfc east football-3 out of 5 final games is nfc east games.

Week 13: Giants

Week 14: Eagles

Week 15: @Boys

Week 16: @Bears- we need to see how this team handles cold weather games on the road

Week 17: Saints- we knock them out of the playoffs and if we are on the playoff bubble, this puts us in.




New Orleans

Tampa Bay

New England

NY Jets

Rams or Seahawks-depends on tonights outcome

nfc east







nfc east

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