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I Suppose We're Spared The Annoyance...


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The Giants key players came through in a big way today. The turnovers almost cost them, but it's a credit that they were able to overcome them and still get the win.

Collins - 25/35 256 yds 1 TD 1 INT

Barber - 32 rushes for 203 yds (and 3 fumbles)

Shockey (the pr!ck!) - 10 receptions for 98 yds and a TD.

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Originally posted by DrunkenBoxer

Careful TC,

I think the greatest NFC east team of all time had an end of season let down to a clearly inferior team.... So this loss means nothing to that ranking. If they win this superbowl they'll be allowed to talk.


Two caveats to this, DB:

-that team was playing for absolutely zilch. The only concern was not getting any injuries. Philly had a lot to play for today - avoiding a trip to GB in the playoffs. That's like putting a loaded gun to your head.

-That team was completely whupping the Eagles a$$es when Gibbs pulled everyone but the waterboy. Philly won on a last second FG. Today, Philly got DOMINATED everywhere except the scoreboard. This should have been a big blowout by the Giants.

Dissimilar circumstances if you ask me. Philly hasn't been playing too well lately - they've shown weaknesses on the defensive side of the ball that has to be of concern...

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