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Hope everyone had a good Christmas


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I had a good Christmas in that the family was all together and everyone was happy ... all that good stuff.

HOWEVER, being the father of two young children, well, it can make Christmas (though rewarding) very tiring. I was up until 2:00 a.m. Christmas Eve putting togther bikes and toys and then spent all Christmas day assembling other toys, taking them out into the cold to ride and cooking.

All I wanted to do at the end of the day was breath.

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Ah...the dreaded "Assembly required" deal... know that one. step back...look at what you assembled....look down..."@$@#!$! Another @#$@ small bag of parts? Where the hell?........sigh...." Pop....fizz.... :pint::D Had an outstanding Christmas.

As I said in Ebaneezer Tom's thread, ( just teasing you Tom :silly: ), despite a rather nasty virus, magaged to have a very nice Christmas. Did the cooking, talked with family and friend on phone, watched the nephew play with his toys. Er...had to assist him in building this really cool castle...I mean.... this somewhat hard to put together castle.... you know... just er......trying to help..... :silly::D Of course, being the generous soul I am...had to uh...try out the video game that I gave the bro.... you know...just to make sure it played right. :silly: Hope it was a Merry Christmas for everyone.


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