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Possible Sleeper here........


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Watched the Hawaii/Tulane game tonight and happen to watch this guy catch a middle screen and went for 60 yards. Attached his Bio, not bad.. But what was impressive was his second gear, I mean this guy looked like a 4.3 burner. Just a little on the small side. kinda like Cliff Russell. Did any one see this guy tonight ?????????????? Think I heard them say he had 9 catches for 150 plus yards and 2 TD's

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Saw the kid. That TD catch in the 4th qtr made it seem as if the Tulane D was just standing still. That kid has a Dante Stallworth-like 6th gear.

On another note, there's a Guard who got mentioned a # of times on this board - Vince Manuwai. The kid has very average size but is built like a brick $hithouse. He looked very, very powerful and whoever was going against him seemed stunned by his hand punch.

He won't be available in Round 2. WE would have to trade up into the end of the 1st to nab him. He's just too damn good.

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