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Good Opportunity To Win at Tampa Bay


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The Bucs offense is not prolific and their air attack is minus a true #2 threat next to Galloway. Their running game has been having problems of its own in recent weeks. Good news for the Redskins defense.

On the other side of the ball, the Bucs are going to be guessing for at least the first 2 quarters as to what the Redskins are going to run. Campbell is new, Betts is new (as starter), Duckett in a Washington uniform is new.

This is an opportunity to for Saunders to show what his offense can do now that he is able to run the deep outs and posts and accurate slants that have been missing from this offense for weeks. Campbell, whatever his other limitations of experience, is capable of making each of these throws.

Moss, Cooley and Lloyd are once again in play as legitimate fantasy picks.

I like the ground combination of Betts and Duckett. Betts is a good all around back, defenses won't be able to key on him as a runner or receiver. Duckett is going to be the healthiest player on the field come Sunday. His short yardage ability should really help this offense over the balance of the season.

The Bucs have been unable to cover tight ends and Cooley figures to get some opportunities from Saunders down the middle of the field after seeing the team yield the middle half to opponents the first 9 games.

Bringing in Campbell and some of the other younger, healthier players is certainly a decision for 2007 and a response to some significant injuries to veterans such as Portis.

But there is no reason these players can't come in and make a difference this Sunday in Tampa and for the final 7 games.

After what we saw in Philly, Campbell and Co. do give this team a better chance to win.

I will take Campbell at 100% vs. an experienced Brunell at perhaps 70% of the player he used to be.

I will take Betts and Duckett at 100% over a Clinton Portis whose shoulder injuries have compromised his ability to be himself on the field in 2006.

The only real question is why did it take the staff so long to start making some of these changes.

Brunell hasn't had a compelling performance in any regard since the Jacksonville game. Portis has been in and out of the lineup all season and the offense has had so many problems in the red zone, a call out for Duckett seemed to be a foregone conclusion back in September. Why did we have to wait for November?

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