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Art Monk and Gary Clark

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Here some firsts and lasts of two of the greatest Redskins of all time.

Unfortunately, I don't have Art Monk's first NFL catch or TD, but here is his last TD as a Redskin (11-28-93 vs. Philly at RFK Game 11) and his last catch as a Redskin (12-31-93 vs. Minnesota at RFK Game 16).


Next, here's Gary Clark's first NFL catch (9-15-85 vs. Houston at RFK Game 2) and his first TD (10-7-85 vs. St. Louis at RFK Game 5)- audio is poor on the TD, sorry about that.


Last, here is Gary Clark's last TD as a Redskin (1-2-93 at Minnesota NFC Playoffs) and his last catch as a Redskin (1-9-93 at San Francisco NFC Playoffs).


Don't know how long these will last with the new YouTube restrictions but I hope you enjoy.

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Thanks for sharing. Unfortuantly these will probably be taken down, but they were good to see. Did they happen to come back and beat San Francisco in the last video? Or did they lose the game?

They lost it.

Yeah, it's only a matter of time until they're taken down.

Damn Google, ruining everyone's fun. :)

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