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Just a little information for all of the JC doubters out there.

Joe Montana wasn't drafted until the third round in 1979. Tom Brady wasn't selected by the Patriots until the sixth round in 2000 out of the University of Michigan.

Like Montana, Brady does not have a rifle arm, but is undeterred in that capacity, nonetheless.

Neither was highly regarded coming out of college by NFL scouts.

Like Montana, Brady thrives under pressure. He is at his best in the games that mean the most, the games that are on the line.

Brady follows in Montana's footsteps, being another of the youngest starting quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl.

Sorry Jason Campbell. You just don't have what these guys have. Sure we haven't seen you play and don't know what you are capable of, but we just want to make sure you ride the pine, get so disgusted that you no longer believe in your abilities and fade into oblivion. We can already compare you to Patrick Ramsey, Gus Frerotte and a few others. We just know since we are fed up with what is going on that you surely can't be worth the first round pick we gave up.

I, for one, am really sorry that you aren't being given a shot to learn. Maybe you would have better luck on a team that will take a chance and give the future a look. Myabe we can trade you to a team that we can get an aged veteran O-lineman that is good for one more year, or the defense could certainly use a 15 year veteran corner or safety.

In the meantime, let's ride the Brunell bus into next season when we can all say "Superbowl or its a disappointment." That oughta get us fired up.

:doh: :rolleyes:

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Oh, so according to whoever you are, no one can start any new threads without consulting you first? Sorry, didn't know your rules.

7. Ensure the topic you wish to initiate a thread about hasn’t already been posted. If you are reporting Redskins "news" or "rumors" more than a few hours old, please use the Search Feature or scan the first two pages of the forum before posting, to ensure the news hasn't already been posted and the topic discussed. Multiple topics will be closed or merged. This is a very large and active community, with sweeping media coverage and up-to-the-minute updates. More than likely, if the news is older than a few hours, the information has already posted and is subject of active debate. If you wish to discuss that topic, you are encouraged to do so in the existing thread.

Not his rules....and for future reference....

http://www.extremeskins.com/forums/announcement.php?f=24 :cheers:

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