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I'll just do this division by division:

NFC EAST- I think at least within the division all 4 teams will be competitive. In the end I think the Giants will be the team to crash and burn and Coughlin getting the boot. For now, I'll go: 1- Skins, 2- Boys, 3- Eagles, 4- Giants. I think we'll probably send 2 playoff teams: Division Winner and a wild card.

NFC NORTH- I don't think any of the teams are really that good but someone has to win this division. Bears probably win it by default. Packers, Vikings and Lions bring up the rear. Though if there was a surprise team- it could be the Lions.

NFC SOUTH- Another very competive division, like the NFC EAST. This division will probably send 2 teams to the playoffs also. For now, Let's say it's the repeat of last year: Panthers, Bucs, Falcons and Saints. Though if Panthers lose Steve Smith, they are done.

NFC WEST- Seattle should win this one again but it wouldn't shock me if the Cards finally get their act together and make a playoff run. The other 2 teams won't be doing much.

So the playoff contenders in the nfc to me seem to be: Skins, Boys, Eagles, Bears, Panthers, Bucs, Falcons, Seahawks. The 2005 playoff team most likely to collasp is the Giants, sorry Tom but that's how I'm calling it. The 2 teams that could surprise would be the Lions and Cards.

In the AFC:

AFC EAST- This is just a 2 team race between the Dolphins and Pats. The other 2 teams don't matter.

AFC NORTH- If Mcnair can get up to speed, the Ravens could be the surprise team in this division this year. I think the Steelers will slip a little. Still may make the playoffs but slip a little. Browns could surprise but I doubt it. The Bengals are going to crash this season and Marvin Lewis will post his first losing record- regardless of whether Carson Palmer can come back.

AFC SOUTH- Colts win this one by default. I think the JAgs will fall back also. They won last year on a easy schedule and that won't happen this year. Other 2 teams are in rebuilding mode.

AFC WEST- Denver and Kansas City will battle this one out but Denver probably wins again. I think Marty will be unemployed unless the Chargers can win Rivers. It wouldn't shock me to see Rivers get the Job done. How about a Rivers lead Chargers vs. a Campbell led Skins superbowl? Art Shell will get the Raiders turned around, not this year but things will be headed in the right direction. I would love for the Skins to play the Raiders in a superbowl- so we can get revenge for Superbowl 18.

So for me, the AFC Contenders look to be the Dolphins, Pats, Steelers, Broncos, Chiefs, Colts. I think the Bengals and Jags will tank. The Ravens, Chargers could be the suprise teams. Maybe even the Browns???

Well, it should be interesting year. Right now, if I were to pick a superbowl matchup: CArolina vs. Denver would be it. I doubt that stays that way. It's only training camp, so let see what happens.

For the Skins, I do believe at some point Campbell will take over for Brunell and keep the job. Sorry, I just don't trust Brunnell to stay healthy and play at a high level. So that's why I don't see us in the superbowl this year. A young Campbell gets his baptism by fire in the playoffs. I see Campbell leading us to a superbowl win in 2007. Now if Brunell were to stay healthy all year, then we would be contenders this year.

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