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Gibbs Heading Back To Nascar After 2007?

Plane Thrower

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from profootballtalk.com:

The talk in NASCAR circles (hey, we got sources everywhere) is that Joe Gibbs will retire (again) from coaching after the 2007 season and return to the NASCAR team that he owns.

And this news will only fuel speculation that Redskins owner Dan Snyder will target Steelers coach Cowher to be his successor, notwithstanding the assumption that current Washington defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is in line for the job.

Cowher is under contract through 2007, and with the Steelers opening camp on Friday the chances of an extension coming any time before the end of the 2006 season will be slim and/or none.

At that point, Cowher might just finish out his contract and see what he can get on the open market. Our guess? The Redskins would pay Cowher at least two dollars for every one that the Steelers would pay.

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