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Redskins/Giants Game only on NFL Network?


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Fear not... if a local station picks up the Skins (or for NY'ers... the Giants) in preseason games in your area, you will see the game. I have no idea about the digital cable and satellite stuff.

The NFL has a blackout Rule. The people most affected (if the game is not soldout before 72 hours is the locals). If you live near D.C. you may have picked up some of this by the blackout on Nationals Games. Im pretty sure the game will sellout well in advance but if it doesn't or if you want to learn about blackout here are some links. Hope they help. :)

Explaination of Nfl Blackout Rules

FCC SAT TV Blackout (in place already for cable/local)

Simple Exlpaination of Blackouts

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I was looking at the schedule on redskins.com and the last giants game. which is the LAST game of the season until we start our SB run :notworthy

and for the channels ... the only channel it says is NFL network! I mean .. are they gonna show it on other channels? anyone know? because I dont have NFL Network. How can this be! I live in Fairfax VA.. right near DC.. adn your telling me I have to have NFL Network to watch th final regular season game? Someone smack me with reality here...

sorry for the double postin the other thread

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