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Orphanage In Ecuador On Its Way


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I saw this article on the front page of the local Gazette newspaper, and thought it was pretty an nice story. It's good to see people helping others out, especially in places where things are not so well for so many folks.


(see full article via link...)

"It was less than a year that Nicki Lehrer first visited Ecuador, yet she is already well on her way to making sure some of the country’s neediest children have a new home.

The seeds of her mission began before she had even left the South American country. Seeing so many children without parents, she called her mother back in the United States and together they established Children of Guayaquil Inc. in December."

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One of my neighbors daughter has been going down there for years helping folks out. They have yard sales and fundraisers through out the year and take the money to help buy medical supplies and they also go down to help teach the children.

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