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Redskin Big hits 2005

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Yea Taylor21_INT_4_TD posts all his videos up here. I got a copy on my site...


I,ve been up sick tonight and decided to check out ExTreme and man, am I ever so Greatfull for our Redskins. And now I'm not only Greatfull for the Skins, I'm Greatfull for all the hard work from the Greatest Fans Ever!!!!

Now if I could only figure away to get these amasing videos on my Zen MediaPlayer.

Thanks for making my night tollerable!

It sure did bring back some Awesome memories

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Did a search couldn't find this video it was up once before so hear it goes


I wanted to say THANKS for the great enjoyment of your videos!!!!!!

I got them on my ZenMedia Player, gonna go show everyone in Utah whats up in Washington. Cant waite for this season.

All I ever ask, is that we sweep the OneStar Cowgirls every year. (lmao)

Thanks Again!

:point2sky :applause:

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The swearing was a little much but gotta love BIG Joe layin out Cadillac

I hear ya on the swearing, but waite a minute here.

Skins have some respect thats due!

I no we shouldnt swear but, well it just happens ..lol:applause:


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