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My Portis/Arenas Debate 'Sorianified'

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Arenas is a great scorer, but Ovechkin is at another level. He was doing it all on his own last year and still lighting it up. If you are not into hockey, I recommend getting into it, it is great and DC has a bonafide superstar in Ovechkin.

I'd have to agree. The best part is that you can get 4 game tickets for $20...

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Arenas no question about it really

Arenas was 4th in the NBA in scoring

I would agree that there is no question about it but the answer is Alexander Ovechkin not Gilbert Arenas and I am not trying to knock Arenas.

Ovechkin was 3rd in scoring in the NHL and he was a rookie. Keep in mind that the NHL is much more reliant on team play for scoring than the NBA especially for a point guard. You can clear out one side of the court for a player although with the newer defensive rule changes it is tougher to do than it used to be but with Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler teams can't completely focus on Arenas.

Now let's take a look at the Caps. Who are the second and third options on the team to take the pressure off of Ovechkin? Zubrus? Halpern? These guys are the NHL equivalent of Jared Jeffries and Michael Ruffin.

Another telling stat for Ovechkin. He was +2 on the season for a team that finished giving up 70 more goals than it scored. That is an amazing feat.

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