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Skins DVDS: With or Without Commercials?

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hey sports fans! i make Skins DVDs for my own personal use and for trading here and there. I wanted to get some feedback on whether you prefer DVDs with the commercials or without.

personally, i prefer to leave the commercials in to preserve the entire broadcast. i love watching old games and checking out some of the old commercials as a kind of "time capsule".

sometimes, i'm forced to edit out commercials so the game can fit on the DVD without over-compressing the video. i also split the game into multiple DVDs in order to encode at the highest possible bitrate.

what are your feelings on this topic??


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leave em are you selling these DVDS?? Are they good quality?

i prefer to trade DVDs. i can humbly say that my DVDs can hang, stride-for-stride, with any other "home made" DVD. i PM'd my list of Skins DVDs. i also have Georgetown Hoyas and some boxing if interested.

always looking to trade...

cool signature banner!

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I used to want the commercials in.. I like watching old VHS tapes from the 80s and 90s that I recorded and seeing the old commericals and the old news clips during the commercials. Its cool to go back and see what was going on in the world during that game.. But now that I've got a bigger collection of games Im leaning towards just having the games on DVD, espically since it cuts the DVDs from 2 to 1..

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