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Ouch! We're 9 point 'dogs against the 49ers

Atlanta Skins Fan

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I am waiting to pick one until I make sure Matthews is healthy. If DW has to play, this could get ugly. If Matthews plays, the Skins could stay with the niners if the Skins defense isn't caught up to the system yet. With Matthews in, this could be anyone's game. I don't know if the Niners players share the same anger that Marriccui does. We will see.

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I really think that we'll rebound with a dominating performance on D and good offensive showing. Guys like Lavar, Armstead and Trotter are just too proud to get pounded 2 weeks in a row. SOS sure as hell looked pissed on the sidelines and I expect him to scheme up an amazing gameplan vs SF.

Skins 35

SF 20

That pounding was a good wake up call.

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