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not the cheesy one that came out not too long ago, but the real Slacker by Richard linkletter. Has anyone seen this movie?

I remember the first time I sat down to watch the movie, after 5 minutes I said this is crap and was gonna get up and do something else but my friend said you have to give a chance and I did. Now this film definately isnt for everyone, there is no plot its all about the characters.

My favorite lines from the movie is when the dudes filming some kind of documentary interviewed a drifter they picked up and he said "to all the workers out there. Every commodity you produce is a piece of your own death" that coupled with his other magical quote "I might live badly but atleast I dont have to work to do it".

and the guy who collected tvs was awesome too, so obessed with tv's he had one strapped on his back.

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