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Pasquarelli At It Again!!!!!!!!


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This is Pasquarelli's (what ever his name is) latest opinion of our off season moves. What do you guys think?

"Unless you're another owner, one who cringes every time the Redskins announce another free-agent acquisition, it's hard to quibble about the way Washington's Dan Snyder throws around money every spring. Getting out of the free-agent chute quickly, with his private jet in the air the first night of free agency, has become a Snyder rite of spring. Typically lost in the yearly spending spree, however, is that a football team is about synergy, how players interact on the field, how the puzzle pieces fit together. And the first week of free agency has demonstrated again that Snyder doesn't, and maybe never will, understand that part of the game.

Case in point: The Redskins overspent to land former St. Louis strong safety Adam Archuleta. If reports are accurate, Archuleta signed a deal that makes him the highest-paid safety in NFL history. Maybe the Redskins made the move because they think Sean Taylor's legal entanglements in South Florida will keep him off the field in 2006. More likely, though, the Redskins acquired Archuleta because they feel he and Taylor will provide them a superior safety tandem. But here's the rub: Taylor and Archuleta, in a lot of ways, are the same player, not complementary types. Neither is great in coverage; both are inconsistent tacklers; and both take poor angle to the ball at times. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is one of the most innovative guys in the league, but not even he can conjure up a scheme in which both safeties play "in the box" together. And that's why Snyder's grand plan for buying himself a Super Bowl title is flawed. By the way, of the Redskins' projected starting lineup, just six of 22 players are homegrown, players who began their NFL careers in Washington uniforms."

I hate that guy!!!!:mad:

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