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One would think that with all the attention The Falls is having because of its "involvement" in the murder story going around there could be issues for the longevity of the bar. I also know there was some annoyance with the quality of service at The Falls and perhaps finding a second bar we can take over on Sundays.

I was wonder if anyone had any connections to any bars or any ideas of a bar that we can convert to Redskins territory this fall?

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Apart from the issue of the murdered woman - I can't imagine what kind of quality service can be expected when a horde of drinking, screaming Redskin zealots (and UVa crowds) descend on your bar. Seems to me as long as the drinks stay available, toilets keep working and the TVs stay on then you've got your "quality service." ;)

But, hey, the more Redskin bars the better. So start your hunt, F'nP.

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