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What's the book on Tuthill ?


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Anyone else worried about bringing in yet another kicker with NO NFL experience to make his debut on Monday Prime Time against a division rival, where EVERY game with the Eagles depends on a field goal. This kid better be good for us to turn down other kickers with actual experience. Is this another Kris Heppner waiting to happen ? Or can this kid handle the jitters of a BIG kick, which he'll no doubt be asked to do in a game like this.

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There is no book on Tuthill as he's never kicked in the NFL before.

He has a strong leg on kickoffs, much stronger than Conway's, however we were concerned enough about his accuracy that we kept Conway over him.

However, if I recall correctly, Tuthill was only brought in a week to ten days before the cuts were made, so he didn't have a lot of time to show his stuff for us.

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