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I know i'm beating a dead horse but i was away and didn't know if you guys saw this e-mail reply on kings tuesday morning QB:

MORE REDSKINS SUPPORT, THIS TIME FROM NEW YORK. From Anthony of New York City: "Mr. King, I love your work and I mean no disrespect, but why do you and other media figures criticize the Redskins' free-agent moves? Every year it's the same thing, that they spend too much money, that the players they get are overrated. I know Snyder is not a lovable figure, but don't you think that the Redskins improved greatly last year? They have had some good offseason moves in recent years (Washington, Griffin, the Moss trade worked out well and Portis is a good, hard-nosed RB). They've hired good coaches. They have been running pretty smooth since Gibbs returned. So why would you say that they are out of their minds for getting two young receivers in Lloyd and Randle El? Maybe you don't agree, but it seems like they have a plan. Don't you think an organization being run by a Hall of Fame coach deserves the respect to see how these moves play out before calling the team's decisions this offseason 'crazy'?"

We'll see.

I wrote this e-mail to King and i am disappointed that he did not answer the question in a serious manner. I know u guys hate him and i know he is anti-redskins but, as i wrote in the e-mail to King, i still enjoy his column when he is not bashing the skins but this was his chance to explain why he continues to critcize the skins in the Gibbs era. I wanted to know why he doesn't give Gibbs the respect enough to at the very least not call him crazy for making certain moves. Why in the world he posted it just to not answer my questions is crazy. :logo:

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