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Chat with Gary Horton

Chris, Fremont, CA: Hi Gary! I was hoping for Culpepper to be reunited with Randy here in the Raider nation, but the fish snagged him first. Do you see the Raiders coming up with a replacement QB any time soon? Are we stuck with Tui leading the offense?

Gary Horton: I agree with you, I thought the likely landing place for Culpepper was Oakland. But I think they are really in a tough QB position right now. They have no proven guy. I'm sure they have their eye on someone but I just don't know who it is right now. (hmmmmmm)


Majeed (SD): Draft scenario: Titans take Leinart, Jets take Cutler, which leaves Al Davis and the Raiders to draft headline grabber Vince Young. Do you agree Gary?

Gary Horton: That scenario makes a lot of sense. Although I think Patrick Ramsay has an excellent chance of winding up with the Jets in a trade. I'm also not so sure the Jets don't think that Pennington will be healthy. If I was the Jets, I would draft a QB if I didn't trade for Ramsay. Cutler would certainly be in the mix. Young does look like a Raiders type QB.


Chris Fort Collins, CO: Is Denver out of the Abraham sweepstakes?

Gary Horton: I think the Jets are obviously trying to trade Abraham and get some value in return.The Broncos have proven they are very active when trying to improve their line. I have heard the Redskins were interested in a possible trade involving Ramsay. I think he will get moved in the next couple days and he could certainly land in Denver.


Brian (harrisburg, PA): What are the Giants chances of getting Lavar Arrington? Is he still a quality player?

Gary Horton: I have not heard the Giants as a landing place. I tend to think the teams that run 3-4 defenses that ask him to be a rush OLB probably fit his skills the best. I think he can be an excellent player if he is in a scheme that allows him to freelance and utilize his natural skills. I think he is obsessed with proving the Redskins coaching staff was wrong in how they handled him. I think Arrington will have a huge year in 06 with a team that runs the 3-4 defense.


Shamron (Clifton, NJ): With all the talent coming out of the draft this year, are you surprised with the bullrush of free agent signings this year?

Gary Horton: I'm not surprised. The teams that had money to spend knew exactly what they wanted. I still think the mentality of NFL coaches is a comfort level with veterans over rookies. I think the philosophy is if you have money, spend it in free agency and use the draft to fill holes. If you don't have money, handle the draft and then fill holes in free agency.


Bobby Darrin: Why do fools fall in love?

Gary Horton: Great song .. what team can we attach it to? I also like Mack The Knife.

Shamron (Clifton, NJ): The jets falling in love with the patriots staff and philosophy...thats a fit for the song


Mark Denver: 'Why do fools fall in love' is the theme song of Daniel Snyder and his overpaying for free agents.


Alex Miller: (Greensboro, NC): Why do fools fall in love? - Cowboys for looking at TO.


Matt (Tallahassee): Fools in love? That would definitely be Detroit falling in love with all those 1st round receivers.


Dave - Fort Worth: Why do fools fall in love.... attach it to any team that signs TO this year.

Gary Horton: Your question turned out to be longer than Bobby Darin's career ..

Gary Horton: As for the Jets ... most teams love the Pats ability to prepare their players and Mangini was in the right place at the right time. I agree, Belichick's success probably put him in a good position to be a head coach.

Gary Horton: As for Snyder .. you have to like him in terms of him trying to put a Super Bowl contender together. As always, it will come down to chemistry but what they have done in FA is startling considering their salary cap constraints.

Gary Horton: As for T.O .. that I would agree with. I would think the title of the song aptly fits this selection.

Gary Horton: As for the Lions and their receivers ... I'm not sure they were in love with receivers as much as they just drafted the best athletes available on the board. It just happened to be receivers.

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