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Our WRs have stellar YPC.


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I had this though buried in a RE thread, but felt it necessary to post:

I hope that we didn't give RE a bigger contract than Santana...

If we didn't, then I feel very good about these moves. RE is explosive, just like Santana. We loved the production we got out of him last season, and we are seeking out the same thing in RE...and also in B-LLoyd.

If one stat for WRs shows 'explosiveness,' then it would be YPC. By borrowing the graphic from Kevin B.'s sig, we can see this illustrated (below). We heard last season how we were attracted to Moss and Patten because of their YPC.

I feel like Pittsburg wasn't using RE to his potential, much like Moss wasn't used to his potential w/ the Jets. Give him more opportunities to make plays, and he will. Throw B-Lloyd in there, and we have a TON of talent roaming opposing teams' secondary.

edit: apparently, I can't attach the same image twice, so there is no graphic here. But Santana had 17.7 last year, RE 15.9, Lloyd 15.3.

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I had the exact same thought as you. I did a little bit of research, and it appears that moss and Randal El have the same contract. 6 years 31M.

This is getting really exciting!!

The same contract? See, that's fantastic. And deliberate, too. Thereis no #1 WR, at least not by contrat size. Joe Gibbs is a genius. :cheers:

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My question is......what are we going to give Lloyd now??? I thought for SURE he was worth more than ARE, but now, more than Santana....this contract situation should be interesting.

Maybe it won't be too far off from the other contracts, in the name of equality. But could we afford that?

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