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no pay for it, think I'm giving it away?


Redskins dealing Ramsey

<Feb. 27> Redskins coach Joe Gibbs has acknowledged that the team is trying to trade Ramsey, a former first-round quarterback, and has granted permission to the onetime starter and his agent to seek potential trade suitors as well.

"We're moving ahead, trying to see what opportunities are out there for him and also evaluating what is best for us," Gibbs said. "I'm not sure if anything will get done, but we're looking, and we're letting [agent] Jimmy Sexton look around and talk [to other teams]."

The Redskins have targeted the Jets as a possible trade partner, but New York won't discuss a deal until a decision is made on Chad Pennington's future with the team.


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Ramsey will stay here for one more year, we wont be able to get anything of value for him. I just assum let him go next year as a FA then get a measley 7th rounder for him. That way if Brunell goes down this season, and Campbell isnt ready, at least we still have some short of shot to win a game or 2 with Ramsey.

he will be gone by this friday

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