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Reasonable Offseason Plans


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Do you have recent information that the Skins would get a 4th round pick for losing free agents? I thought the analysis was that Skins would get nothing.

A WR and CB in free agency? I'm not sure how many decent CBs will be available. I wouldn't be surprised if Skins manage to pick up a DT in free agency. I'll bet there are some DTs and DE that are suited to 4:3 that can't cut it in a new 3:4 defense that will be let go. Good for us.

It would be a lot easier to guess at the draft if we knew how the Skins feel about McCune/Clemons as potential starters and whether Arrington will be back. If Arrington returns then I don't see the Skins drafting any LBs unless they get super value for the particular round.

Will Manuel White make it as an HB? If not, then the Skins might be looking for a TE in the draft. I hope we get a good DE to spell the older guys and groom for a future starting role. Who knows. Waiting on free agency.

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There's just so much complexity to what we need and what we might be able to do. The complexity is all driven from the CBA which the news seems to keep quiet. This agreement is will put a freeze on the offseason for most of the NFL. It's critical for us and others.

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