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Poll, after talking to Mel the other day, some of these players should be available


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Thanks for input, seems like alot of you really think highly of Tapp

He is a local boy and is picked by us on many mock drafts. Every year on this site people point to some VT or MD guys that we could use. I remember Elton Brand being one of those people last year. Its a form of homerism while I don't really follow college football I would like to see someone from UCONN on the skins, I believe B.Kozlowski our backup TE went there. Ok now I'm rambling

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I went with DeQwell. Problem is that MD LBs have not faired particularly in the NFL (except Merriman). I would take him regardless of the LA situation. We can run some more 3-4 and let LA play a little more at the line.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure DeQwell is closer to 240 than 228.

Did Oki Neil Okelwicz go to Md? I know he lives in Md, but for some reason I thought he went to MD??

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I know a few Texas fans who rave over Rod Wright, so i picked him. I dont follow college football too much, i prefer NFL much more, so I dont know too much about these guys. I guess Tapp sounds good for a pass rushing DE, but I agree with everyone esle; what we do in free agency will show what we do in the draft.

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