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10 Things We Learned About the NFL This Season


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I thought this was worth sharing...read the whole article for more under each item.

Friday, February 10, 2006


By John M. Crist

Just like that, another NFL season has come and gone. Sorry, the Pro Bowl doesn't count since yours truly is currently an alternate at safety in the NFC right now.

The excruciating dead period between the end of football and the beginning of baseball is upon us, and since I'll never make it to April writing nothing but Winter Olympics and regular season basketball columns (and oh yeah, we have hockey again), I might as well recap 10 very valuable lessons that I learned while wasting away on my couch the last 22 Sundays:

1. Peyton Manning is morphing into Dan Marino before our very eyes

2. Instant replay is at least partly responsible for the poor officiating

3. Winning Super Bowls has very little to do with star power

4. Running back is the most disposable position in football

5. Owners are way too trigger happy when it comes to head coaches

6. Politically incorrect or not, the NFL has no future in New Orleans

7. Terrell Owens can single-handedly bring an entire city to its knees

8. Michael Vick is not going to revolutionize the quarterback position

9. You don't have to be 6'4" and 220 pounds to be an elite receiver

10. Super Bowl Sunday has almost nothing to do with the actual game


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1. Marino did get to a Super Bowl though, right? And Peyton hasn't morphed into much of anything until his team loses in the playoffs to a team that isn't World Champs that year...The last 3 years the Colts have lost to the team that is considered the best in the game. Is that truly a horrible thing? As soon as he's putting up 5000 yards for a team that's 9-7 and losing in the first round, then he's Dan Marino alright...

2. How is Instant Replay responsible for referees blowing even the most obvious calls?

3. Star Power sure will help though...

4. RB is always been pretty disposable, ask Denver. But if you want to win a World Championship it really helps to have an elite back. Ask Denver...or DAN MARINO! Even ask Peyton Manning who knows it might be a couple years before the Colts can replace Edge to a satisfactory level...

5. It's been like this for awhile. Although Norv Turner somehow managed to last in DC for a few years too long...

6. There was talking of moving NO before Katrina. The catastrophe is just giving the owner an easier out...

7. Well, we knew he could destroy 1 team, just didn't realize it would devastate Philly the way it did...

8. Since he was drafted I've been saying that. Best RB in the NFL, too bad he's a QB...Jeff George's arm and Barry Sanders feet, what to do? Hint, who had the better career?

9. How many elite receivers in the NFL were that big in previous years?

10. When did Super Bowl Sunday have to do with the game? That thing morphed like 25 Super Bowls ago...

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I have to disagree w/ most of you who have responded so far.

#2 about the officiating was extremely true. Instant replay has caused officials to second guess themselves this season. Some to the point of timid because they know instant replay will overturn it anyway.

What can be done? I don't know. Some say full-time officials, but I don't know. They're in basketball and their officials are worse.

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