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MP3 of my version of a Sunny Day Real Estate song...


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So in Chopper Dave's thread about the best albums of the last decade, Nostril mentioned my sig pic, the cover to SDRE's album, Diary. I didn't want to hijack Chopper Dave's thread, but I kinda wanted someone--anyone--to hear this so I started this one. :D

I'm a musician, and actually, if any of you guys are interested, here's a yousendit link to an MP3 of a cover version of Sunny Day Real Estate's "In Circles" from Diary I recorded about a year and a half ago...I've actually never let anyone listen to it besides close friends, so go easy on me...

[MP3:]Adam Temple - In Circles (SDRE cover)

It's vastly different from the original version...even though it doesn't sound like it, it's just guitars (& effects) and my voice...please download and lemme know what yall think!

Thanks in advance for the feedback,

*runs and hides...*

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It's not that bad.

Is the vocal effect a stylistic choice or are you just trying to cover up a bad voice? Because I didn't like that. You sound like you're singing at the bottom of a well. I'd probably just ditch it. My belief is that even your voice is bad, it works better to hear bad vocals than it does trying to cover it up with effects.

Otherwise, I thought it was an ok rendition. I liked that even though it was vastly different as far as instrumentation goes(although it was still guitar based), it was still pretty faithful to the original

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Yea, the vocal effect was somewhat a stylistic choice--at the time I was very much into a lot of shoegaze i.e. My Bloody Valentine where the vocals are mostly inaudible and/or mixed very low and I was trying to emulate that motif...

mainly though, the song was a way to mess around with overdubbing the effects on my pedal board with my jacked copy of pro-tools. :cool:

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