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Do you sense a lack of real excitement for this suoerbowl?


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I think the problem is the players. There's a lack of recognizable "stars" in the game. There's no Peyton Manning or Tom Brady type that makes the match up easier to hype for the media.

And even the great players that are in the game, like MVP Shaun Alexander, are probably not easily identified by the casual fan. Rothlisberger, Hasselback are both two of the better quarterbacks in the game, but still not as familiar.

There's Jerome Bettis of course, and I think the media will try and squeeze as much as possible out of the "homecoming for long time Steeler star" angle this week.

And I think things will liven up considerably this week. All I hope for is a good game, and who knows, maybe even an all-time game, like the recent Superbowls with Pats-Rams and Pats-Panthers.

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I don't know what you are talking about we have a matchup of a team whose QB is most effective when he throws less than 10 times against a team that the league thought so little of them they still treat them like an expansion team and made them switch conferences. All this and the game is being held in Detroit!

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