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WANTED: September 20th Washington Post


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Hey guys and gals --

I'm looking for a copy of the September 20th, 2005 edition of the Washington Post, for any of you who bought several copies (The Tuesday morning edition, after the Monday Night miracle :) ). I want to try and get Santana to sign it, and frame it.

Anybody have any extra copies?? Also, if you send me two copies, I can get yours signed as well! :) (I can try, anyway).


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Thanks man! I found that number as well...I was just hoping there was someone on ES with a bunch of copies. I know there are...they just either A) have not read the classifieds or B) don't want to give them away, even to get signed. :whoknows:

I got one. It's yours for $49.95 :silly:

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