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P King MMQB - Hell has Frozen Over


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DENVER -- For all the fans of the NFL's other 28 teams, those teams trying to get to where Pittsburgh and Seattle are going, and where Denver and Carolina tried to go this weekend, here are my shirtpocket notes from the last few, very eventful days:

1. Who do I think is off to the best start for 2006?

Clue: The owner rubs you the wrong way.

Another clue: When I finished interviewing the coach of this team last weekend, he shook my hand, wished me well and handed me a Bible tract.

Another clue: The team has a safety, a really good one, with a phlegm problem.

Click Link for the rest of the article.

Jeez Louise. Of course Mr. King has to throw in a little bit of acromony, but all in all a little too much props for my liking.

Of course I agree with his take for the most part I just don't like seeing it in print. Brings back some very unpleasant memories of 2 triple ought. The difference as we will see is that JG is possibly the smartest and humblest (a very rare combo) head coach in NFL history. I truly believe it will go down that way.



Edit: Bubba is the man. He must have posted will I was writing. Feel free to remove.

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