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The Official Hate Thread (Commentators, Mediots,etc..)


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If you have hate in your heart, let it out :cheers:

This is my way of loosening up the board. A nice rant thread...

Out of all the haters he have had to deal with this year, which one got under your skin the most???

Be it radio,tv, print let us know :cheers:

Heres to making all of em eat crow next February


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I hate Chris Collinsworth, for repeatedly saying week after week, read my lips I guarantee the Redskins will not make the playoffs, their not that good. He is a loser and a sucker. He hates on us every year. Stupid Bunghole. He didn't say anything about how wrong he turned out to be. He kept saying it every week that I felt like he just wanted to make the SKINS fans lose hope. But, we didn't and proved his skinny ass wrong. He wasn't very good when he played so he should shut his hole.

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My hate list goes something like this

1. Brain Baldinger --Who can forget all the praise he heaped on Rookie Fitzpatrick during the Rams game--"Now take a Nerf football and try to do that, you can't" :doh:

2. Lenny Pastabelly -- Nothing to say

3. Cris Carter -- I officially quit watching Inside the NFL because of him... Who makes a bet to dress up like a Hogette and not follow through

4. ESPN -- The website, Sunday Countdown, Berman, Jackson, Salisbury, everybody just about.


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