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The Official "Should Campbell Start in '06?" Thread.

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This is not a call for Brunell's head.

Just wondering what everyone else thinks after we kinda limped out of the playoffs.

The offense needs a catalyst. Since every play starts with the QB, why not give the kid a shot in his second year (ala C. Palmer)?

Granted, he may be a bit shaky to start out, but wouldn't you rather get him a year under his belt than put your hopes on the brittle legs of 36 year old Mark Brunell?

Keep Brunell as the veteran backup QB.

Starting Campbell in '06 can do nothing except help this team.

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You know, during our winning streak, I would have said hell no. But now I'm not so sure. I am actually leaning towards starting Campbell, just to get him in there. Assuming Ramsey is gone, leaving Brunell as the backup might actually work out very nicely, if Brunell is amenable to that.

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I would like to see Campbell start. I wanna see what he can do out there. He had this year to watch and learn, let him take the reins next year. Brunell played good this season and did a good job leading us. But Campbell is our future, even if he struggles in his first year starting, it will be better for him than sitting another year on the bench.

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