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God Help Me, I'm in Texas

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Sorry dude. My bad...just a little pumped up. Ill clean it up moving forward. Thanks for the reminder.

Do me a favor in return...keep you little pot shots like "if you care about those" to yourself ok? You dont have to try to make yourself look witty by talking down to us. A simple request like you made up in your post is more effective. Just letting you know. Again thanks for the reminder.

Sorry. The "if you care about those" comment stems from a couple of times I tried to remind people of the rules and got blasted and blown off. I'm not the thread police, and I'm the fan of another team, but this is a great board and I've been here a while, and I just want it to remain a good board. There has been a large influx of members in the past few months, and not all of them are conscientious about maintaining the standards or following the rules. The mods have asked us to police ourselves, so I do the reminder thing when I think it's called for. No offense intended.

Here's to a good game with no major injuries today. :cheers:

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Whats up ECU alumn?

Hail Skins!:logo:

Not much...just got done with the Bowflex...gonna hit the showers and slip into my gameday gear (My Portis Jersey, the same pair of jeans I wore last week & if I can remember the socks and underwear I wore last week...them too).

I am so psyched for this game....Like I said earlier this week...I have nothing against the Seahawks or their fans personally...but all of these people in the media who say we got no chance....I want us to win just to shut them up or make thme eat everyone of their words. I haven't wanted us to win a game this badly since the 1991 playoff game against the Eagles.

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