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If We Had Seattle's Schedule, We Would Be An Offensive Powerhouse Too!


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Ok, I know that Seattle has the #2 ranked offense in the league and a 13-3 record, but have you ever stopped to see who they have played this year. Nine of there victories have come against teams with the worst defenses in the league. SF is 32nd, Hou was 31st, Stl-30 those were five victories. Then when you look at the Giants, Eagles, Falcons, and Titans; they are all ranked between 24 through 19 defensively. The rest of their wins are against the colts (who didn't play the starters past the first quarter), dallas (took seattle to ot) and arizona.

Then when you take a look at their three losses, 2 were against very good defenses (Washington, and Jacksonville) and the 3rd game was at the end of the year. So I have to go into this game thinking that we should be able to dominate, because we are use to much stiffer competition than what Seattle has seen.

Go Skins!

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