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How does point spread work actually?


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I always think of it like a head start in a race. In this case, if the Skins win or lose by less than 10 points you win your bet. It is called taking the points. I think the best bet in this game however is the Skins moneyline. If they win out you win more money. It is a more risky bet with better reward.

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Anyone care to explain how a line (point spread) works? Let's say I bet the Skins who are +9.5 against the Seahawks at -9.5. What does this actually mean?

The people who set the lines are basically saying "We expect Seattle to beat the Redskins by 9.5 points." You then make a bet not that the Skins will win or lose, but whether they will:

a) Score more than 9.5 points less than the Seahawks do


B) Score fewer than 9.5 points less than the Seahawks do

The objective of the point spread, for the guys setting the line, is to have half of the bets be for option A and half be for option B. Then they pay Option A's bets off with Option B's money, or vice versa, and make all their money off the commission, providing that their guess for the final point difference is correct. THAT'S their incentive to make as accurate a prediction as possible.

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