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Thank you Mr. Snyder, Coach Gibbs, and my TEAM


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I want to take this time to offer my thanks to the team that I have followed since I was a little boy.I absolutely adore the Redskins and I have stayed supportive and followed them since the 1960's. I've been proud of them when we were winning our Super Bowls (and losing a couple) but I must say I have never been prouder of the way this team has fought and played through this current win streak.

No matter what happens the rest of the playoffs, thank you Redskins for playing with passion, pride, and for playing a little "meaner" and "nastier" and always bringing the effort! We were in ABSOLUTELY every game except for the first Giants game, and had a chance to win the ones we lost :cheers: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: . I personally think given our tough schedule, we were as competitive as any team in the league.

I believe we will win in Seattle and then go on to the NFC Championship game where the rest of the country and media people will see and will no longer be able to deny the quality of our play and of our desire to win. This has truly been a great season . Seattle, Saturday is GO-TIME, and around here that means SMASHMOUTH football!!! Strap it on , cause we're coming to get 'ya! HTTR!!!

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