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Feeling good about my Skins!


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Another cool aspect of this year's team is the fact that we ARE still a work in progress, though in the midst of preparing for a second round playoff game :wavetowel . You gotta love the moves that Gibbs and Co. have made since he has come back, with the additions of M. Washington, S.Taylor, Moss, Portis and Cooley to name a few. I think what we are seeing in terms of the offense not necessarily functioning to the level of the defense, is that it is indeed a work in progress!

Some fundamental pieces are in place in terms of having a top runner and receiver, an offensive line that can be dominating at times and an ultra talented TE/H-Back in Cooley. I can't wait to see when Gibbs fills in the rest of these pieces, particularly this off-season. I don't see him going after the really big-name FA's. He will find the gems out there that will fit HIS system (which is a beautiful thing to behold). We already have a QB-of-the-future, being groomed (in the playoffs no less!). And Brunell has done am admirable job considering his age and his injuries.

I also believe Gibbs recognizes the limitiations he has with the offense and has altered his play-calling/gameplanning because of it. You hear commentators talking of their distaste of the Redskins getting leads and sitting on them etc... Gibbs is just calling the game to minimize mistakes so that he doesn't spoil the herculean effoert of his top defense. That right there shows coaching skill. Know when to hold back and play conservative and to your strengths, until the calvary arrives, so to speak.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, my fellow breathren.

Hears to another win this Sunday in Seattle!

HAIL! :thumbsup:

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