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Sean Taylor and Playoffs...


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People, what we all fail to realize is that NOT one of us has ever been in a PROFESSIONAL playoff game of any calibur (generally). Sean Taylor made a GREAT play giving us 6 points. The adreneline rush of a playoff game is taken well by some, and is like a drug to others. Taylor was in the moment. Bottom line. Dan will pay off his fine, and we SHOULD expect him during the duration of the PLAYOFFS. COuld you imagine what type of disgusting acts happen in a pileup? Spitting IS rude, but generally harmless. Besides Pittman's ego.

Actually, unless you were watching it on HD (like I was) you could BARELY see the spit. But, in retrospect it was necessary to add fire to that suppressive DEFENSE!

Taylor is a great player, and at times the BEST players get beside themselves. Lets enjoy the AMAZING talent we have, and forgive him for his mistake.

Seattle, meet SEAN TAYLOR.

Gibbs For life!

Gibbs/Robinson for the Presidential Race in '08!

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101, I'm with you that ppl like us (unless we've played) don't understand the intensity ... that doesn't make the spitting excuseable. Just ask yourself, how forgiving would you be if it was Roy Williams? Let's not forget that, in addition to being Skins fans, we're Football fans ...

Not that I want to send the man (or boy ... he's hardly my age) into exile ... it was a mistake, and hopefully we can enjoy watching him mature into one of the best safeties the game has known, and not go down the road of Marcus Vick.

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