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ESPN Insider: Sport Nations tidbits, Rick Spielman


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Gil Arenas (Virginia): There's a buzz now in here in Virginia and in D.C. Everyone is curiously awaiting the big playoff game this saturday against the bucs. ESPN analysts are beginning to say this is a team to watch out for, and that they have the potential to reach Detroit. What's your take on this week's game and how deep they will get into the playoffs? And why? Thanks!

Rick Spielman: Wash has won five in a row. Their defense is playing well and they have the running game going which sets up the passing game. If a team can't stuff Portis and the running game they could get beat

Joseph (D.C.): Gregg Williams - Good or bad move for the skins to sign him to a 3-yr-deal? Will the skins continue to be good in the coming years with him around? If he replaces Gibbs after his tenure as head coach of the organization, will he be a good or bad replacement? thanks rick!

Rick Spielman: Greg Williams has done an excellent job this year. He also is getting paid very well. I'm sure he learned alot from his Buffalo experience and will make a good head coach again. He seems to be the heir apparent since he took his name out of the running on alot of these jobs

Clinton Portis, DC: Rick, what do you make of my transformation from slasher to power back? I thought I wasn't a good fit for Gibbs' offense according to the "experts"?

Rick Spielman: They made adjustments to their blocking scheme to fit Portis better. Alot more zone type schemes to allow Portis to read and make quick cuts faster than the slower developing plays they were running earlier in the year

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