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NFC Playoff team from last season


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There is only 1 NFC Team left from last season, the Seattle Seahawks. The other 5 were not in the post season.

2004 2005

Eagles Seahawk

Falcons Bears

Packers Buccaneers

Seahawks Giants

Rams Panthers

Vikings Redskins

The window of opportunity to win is very narrow.

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I don't think the window is narrow, but more like it's wide open. All that shows is inconsistency within the division. Look at what the Eagles did up to this point, 4 consecutive NFC championship appearances because they maintained a good core group and played consistent. I believe we are building the same type of model for that success .

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No sheet, I never realized that, we gotta knock them out next week so all the rest will be new. I love it that everyones so shocked that Gibbs could actualy bring this team back to playoffs and Championship football. We got us a builder of Champions plain and simple, No other coach could of build this Redskins team as good as they are now in only 2 years!!!!

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