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Air Assault On Tampa Bay?


What do you think of Portis' favorite play - GUT?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Portis' favorite play - GUT?

    • It is an absolute game-winner and the key to victory!
    • It sets up other things, but that's about it.
    • He really loves that play? It never goes anywhere!
    • Shut up you! We're winnin dag-na-bit!

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Remember back in '99 when The Danny chartered a bunch of planes and put together a package for fans to go see the game in Tampa? Does anyone know if he plans on doing that this time? I went in '99 and it was an enjoyable experience and I'd do it again if it's on offer.


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Who did he offer it too? Just regular fans?

Yeah, anyone could get the package. It was first come first serve. I think there was about 500 or so places and it cost around $500 for a nice jersey (mine was a Skip Hicks), game ticket and round trip plane ticket. The seats at Raymond James were nosebleed but at least all the Skins fans were together.

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