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right now im happy, but i really think we are too talented to lose in the first roound. now that we are in the playoffs, i really think we can win the NFC. if springs and rogers both play, i think we gotta really goot shot to beat tampa. but yea this season is a success....we got the talent to keep this goin tho

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Shawn Springs came back in after his injury so I will assume he will be ok for next game, hopefully. I doubt Carlos will get back but if he does it will be huge. Jimoh looks to be out for a while though, not sure if that will matter that much. On the plus side we were able to contain the Eagles on sheer will alone even after we were down to Mortensen (who?) and Walt Harris. It looked like we just stopped blitzing and tried to just play vanilla like defense (it seemed to me) and we did very well.

Thankfully Chris Simms isn't very good and if we can just handle Joey Galloway we will be ok.

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