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Winning the SB change anything about the LaVar situation-If he plays like a ProBowler  

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  1. 1. Winning the SB change anything about the LaVar situation-If he plays like a ProBowler

    • Yes LaVar stays and finishes out his career here
    • Please-Lavar is gone no matter what happens
    • LaVar carring little Danny on his shoulders hoisting the Lombardi!
    • LaVar hoisting little Danny over his head trying to pull an Aikman for 6.5 mill?

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Just wanted to drop back in and say hello. To those that know me, I haven't had too much time to post anymore and I kind of got lost in the mix the few random times I did. '05 has been good to your buddy BG. New job, new digs, new ball and chain, new ventures, but I digress.

How about this team?!?!?

I won't start counting my chickens, but it has been so long since I could reflect and say that I love this group of players. I know we struggled early and tanked mid-way, but regardless of what else has happened in recent days, this team is jelling. They are looking out for one another and know how much we as fans enjoy seeing that happen. You can tell they are aware of the criticism, that we have brushed off on this very forum, leveled by mediots and fair-weather-ers. They have the chip and they are running with it.

Furthermore, I'd like to offer not only a :cheers: to a healthy and happy new year, but a well deserved pat on the back to all the veteran posters throughout the years who have offered up analysis, banter and most of all hope when this team really struggled. For sticking with this team as hard as you have done, you deserve it. :notworthy

It gave me great pleasure and pride to know what the collective vibe on this board must have been as I drank my busch beer in the parking lot at Fed-Ex around 5:30 on Christmas Eve. (last minute deal, couldn't find any of the extreme crew)

While I won't be at the Linc, I will be experiencing our soon to be monumental moment this Sunday with the best of friends, once again, drinking Busch beer and popping a big fat grin thinking about how happy all will be come 8pm Jan 1st 2006.

:applause: :cheers: :logo:

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