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Newport News restaurant cited for mouse infestation

06:16 PM EST on Thursday, December 29, 2005

Reported by: Ramona Parks

A mouse in an order of Chinese food and now that Newport News restaurant will be cited for evidence of a mouse infestation.

Thursday morning, an inspector from the Peninsula Health District went to Great Wall Chinese Restaurant in the 14,000 block of Warwick Blvd. near Denbigh Blvd.

His visit was spurred by Shelly Hosler’s call. She told officials she found a dead mouse in her order of beef lo mein Wednesday night. She, her husband and daughter picked up $30.00 worth of food for family and friends.

She said everyone was sitting down to enjoy dinner when her husband dumped out the Beef Lo Mein and out fell the entire mouse.

Shelly Hosler says this mouse fell out of an order of Beef Lo Mein.

"He's fried and nasty and his skin is coming off his back and he stinks. And this is insane! I do not expect to go out to eat and find a mouse in my food,” she said.

The inspector told 13News he found mouse trails and droppings at the restaurant.

Peninsula Health Director Dr. David Trump said the restaurant would be cited.

A restaurant worker insisted there was no problem and that would have seen a rodent in the pan when it was cooking.

"He made the food, I check it. He came in,” said Wendy Chen. “No mouse."

Hosler said, “They did not offer me anything, not an apology, not a refund."

Great Wall will remain open. Health officials said the violation isn’t severe enough to revoke or suspend the business license.

Dr. Trump added he says this isn't something that would put patrons in danger.

"It's unfortunate when things get into food but that's not sufficient reason by itself to say the food is going to cause illness to individuals."

If violations aren't fixed within ten days, the business could have its license suspended or revoked.

In a check of online inspection reports kept by the Va. Department of Health, Great Wall has been cited for nearly a hundred mostly "minor" violations since 1993. They include not doing all they could to keep pests out.

In an inspection done earlier this month, inspectors noted there was food debris, pooling blood and trash on the floors of the walk-in refrigerator and freezer.

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