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Revisiting my hopes and dreams


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About a month ago I made a post entitled "A Few Hopes and Dreams for the Rest of the Season". I thought it might be interesting to go back and see how I did for Christmas. Type in bold is from the original post.

I hope that Coach Gibbs realizes he has nothing to lose by being a little more aggressive with the play calling and tells Don Breux to pull stick out of his sphincter and go after the defense for a change.

Stick succesfully removed. It was a tricky surgical procedure as the Doc had to be carefull to avoid splinters. The playcalling has been much better in recent weeks

I hope the offensive staff realizes they have to give their players the chance to go out and win the game rather than try to save them from themselves.

They have done exactly that lately, and the players have responded.

I hope that we start looking to change the scoreboard first and formost on offense, rather than simply trying to prevent the other team from having a chance to change it.

35 point two weeks straight? I'd say if this was not their intent then they are the luckiest team in the league.

I hope Derrick Frost has a nice career in real estate.

Still hoping that happens. He has been more consistent lately though. Not good mind you, but at least he isnt shanking one for 20 yards in every 4th quarter anymore.

I hope we realise Clinton Portis is more effective as an edge runner as we said all preseason yet have failed in the regular season to actually do.

They have been successful in getting Clinton outside recently. I think it's a big part of the offense's resurgence. Think about it...of all Clinton's big runs, how many came to the inside?

I hope Chris Cooley is never left in to block on a third down pass play ever again.

Well, we can always hope. I take this one since we have been at least less predictable.

I hope the ball finally starts to bounce our way a little more often as it did yesterday.

I'd say it's safe to say our luck has turned a bit as of late. We're still not getting too many of the Eagles style lucky turnover plays on defense(Eagles Corner "hey, where did this ball come from?"), but at least we are not having the horrible luck of earlier in the season.

I hope our secondary makes up for lost opportunities early in the season by pulling down three INT's per game like yesterday.

Well maybe not three per game, but they have done better the second half of the year for sure.

I hope Robert Royal makes a game saving TD catch and redeems himself for his performance yesterday.

Robert's been clutch since that game. Only the one drop on a killer hit where he got teed up by his QB. He still has a few games to get that TD.

I hope Antonio Brown gets to play on ofense and rips off an 80 yard TD where he makes the secondary look like idiots in the process, just because he is too nice a guy to be trashed his whole life for one bad game.

Well it wasn't offense, but he sure as hell opened some eyes in the cardinal game.

I hope Mike Sellers comes back to rip peoples heads off on ST's because we really need his attitude back there.

Bash Brother number 1 is back doing what he does best. I love it!

I hope we return the favor to the Giants and trounce them 36-0 after our beloved owner dies the week prior. (JK!!)

Ok, I'll take 35-20, but you guys own me a shutout next year.

I hope we show no mercy to anyone from here on out, and if we get a penalty, we better damn well earn it.

Still getting penalties that we don't deserve. But I think Clark earned his in the Giants game, even though it was a legal play.

I hope the ref who called the Alstott run a TD gets severe jock itch that refuses to go away until the Redskins win the super bowl again.

Not sure if he has or not. I don't exactly see him out there acting like Beavis in the one episode where he gives everyone food poisoning, but he could be slowly dying on the inside from the agony of the itch he can't scratch. I can hope anyways.

I hope the ref that called the Plummer fumble a "tuck rule" incompletion od's on viagra and is forced to go to the emergency room after the dreaded "erection lasting longer than 4 hours" and just so happens to try to walk in to the hospital at the same time as the media swarms the scene of Donovan McNabb's first rehab session after his surgery.

I think I caught a glimpse of someone with an extra long puffy jacket on sneaking behind Donovan in that footage.

I hope the ref that gave Michigan 17 yards in the Penn State game gets psoriasis on his face for costing them a short at the national title. ( yeah I really hate refs)

Haven't seen him since, maybe he in hiding?

I hope Santana Moss breaks the Redskins single season receiving record vs. the Cowboys on the TD that puts it totally out of reach for the boys.

Breaking it against the Eagles is almost as good. I'll take that.

I hope Taylor Jacobs makes us forget we ever signed a guy named David Patten. (no offense to Patten intended)

No beans on this one, unfortunately. Has he even been playing?

I hope we finally get to watch a game where we don't have to pull our hair out in the fourth quarter.

Got this one big time the last two weeks. Man it feels nice.

But above all else, I simply hope this team from top to bottom lays it on the line for the rest of the season and plays to win. I mean salt the earth no mercy type of aggression. There is nothing to lose now, only something to gain. Why the hell not?

They seem to be listening to me, right?

So there you have it. I didn't do too bad on my wish list if I do say so myself. What do you guys think?

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I thought you wanted a bike too...what about that?

No bike this year, damnit! My parent got me a health club membership instead. What a gift idea. "Hey you're starting to get a little fat, here's a health club membership" LOL!

It's actually a rehab place as well though, and I severely sprained my ankle and developed tendonitis so that's the reason. Well, that and I'm getting fat.

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