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Nothing super special here...I just thought it was funny. Check out the QB ratings, lol.



1. C. Batch, PIT158.3

2. C. Portis, WAS158.3

3. P. Ramsey, WAS153.3

4. M. Hasselbeck, SEA131.7

5. B. Roethlisberger, PIT120.0

6. V. Testaverde, NYJ114.9

7. K. Boller, BAL113.5

8. D. Carr, HOU107.7

9. B. Johnson, MIN107.2

10. K. Holcomb, BUF105.3

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man, the NFL must really have it out for us. Even Fox for that matter, their coverage is always horrible unless our former enemy Aikman is announcing then its good.

My friend last night was saying how he is starting to agree with me on how the league is against us.

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