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FedEx Field & Getting There (and getting out)


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I suppose I'm asking this question REALLY late, but I had two bad experiences with traveling to/from FedEx field this year.

I bought 4 games from a friend at the beginning of the year, and two of the games had parking passes, and the others did not.

For the Philly game, we went and used the cash lot. BIG MISTAKE. After the game was over we waited behind fences like a heard of cattle for over 2 hours waiting for a bus to take us back to the cash lot. The only solace was at least we got to heckle the Iggles fans.

For the Giants game, we took metro, but that was only marginally better. On the way to the game we made a mistake on went to the "wrong" metro station which then bussed us to FedEx for 5 bucks. On the way back, we walked the mile or so to the other metro. A lot better than waiting for a bus in the cash lot, but still not my cup of tea.

Does anyone know of any offsite cash parking that is close and hassle free? What is your travel strategy when you can't get a parking pass?


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No reason to buy a parking pass on Ebay. I went to the Cowboys game and parked at a cash lot on Landover Rd (202). This is at the corner of Redskin (Bladensburg Rd) and Landover Rd we paid $20 to park in a muddy lot. We had no wait getting out as there is a protected left to get onto 202 on a light and it is about 4 miles to Rt 50. I have bought plenty of parking passes on Ebay and this was far cheaper and easier getting in and out of. Not that bad of a walk maybe 10 minutes.

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i was also at the eagles game and it was HORRIBLE waiting in line. but you have a few different lots the busses take you to. i remember everyone was in the mccorrmick lot line which was full off people while the line to apollo dr was completely empty. next time i go and i have to use a cash lot im gonna go apollo instead of mccorrmick dr. nothing beats getting a parking pass though IMO

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